AdventureWenatchee LLC helps outdoor recreation groups and businesses put on events and get the word out about their event or organization and recreational sports in general. We also excel at market research.

Founded in 2013 and based in the Wenatchee Valley in Washington state, AdventureWenatchee’s principals include Steve Maher, Jennifer Korfiatis, Joel Rhyner and Michele Rhyner — a foursome that has a combined 60 years in communications, marketing and event management.

AdventureWenatchee’s primary mission is to further the growing recreation sports culture in North Central Washington and beyond. In so doing, we offer products and services to groups that make their own goals more attainable.

Our website, e-news and social media network is recognized by athletes as a primary resource for event and other recreation sports information in North Central Washington. We take that know-how and give a boost to others.

Our professional services and products include:

  • Event management
  • Promotion
  • Website design and content
  • Social media and other digital media
  • Posters, rack cards, brochures and other print products
  • Graphics
  • Online registration set-up
  • Race course design
  • Race photography
  • Market research, surveys and studies
  • Consulting

Whether you require help with all or just one of the items listed above, AdventureWenatchee has the skills, institutional knowledge and passion to market your event or group effectively.

For more:

Steve Maher, president, (509) 630-2090 or
Jennifer Korfiatis, vice president, (509) 669-6979 or

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