May 22 8:00a
Red Devil Challenge Trail Runs

Photo By Frank Cone
at Sandcreek Trailhead, Wenatchee National Forest, Contact: (509) 387-0051 or

Quote: “Excellent and well organized.” — Brent Biggar, Wenatchee

Description: There are two runs — a 25-kilometer and a 10-kilometer — on single-track trails. The 25K — with the start and finish at Sandcreek Trailhead — is very challenging with about 3,000 feet of elevation gain. This loop spans nicely graded trails that are well maintained and quite buffed out. This loop makes a superb run and will challenge even the most seasoned trail runner. The 10K also starts and finishes at the Sandcreek Trailhead and has an elevation gain of about 800 feet during the course of the run.

Views and features: The trails dissect beautiful glades of Ponderosa pines and grasses; cuts through cooler, darker stands of Douglas fir; and traverse ridges with views of the Enchantments, Mission Ridge and other spots in the North Cascades. Runners also will have the opportunity to visit Cashmere and its quaint shops, restaurants and wine tasting rooms.

The strange: Some runners claim to have seen a red devil lurking off the trial.

Start time: 8 a.m. for 25K and 9 a.m. for 10K

Start lines: Sandcreek Trailhead for both runs

Finish: Sandcreek Trailhead for both runs

Parking: Parking is extremely limited at the trailhead and a Northwest Forest Pass is required on all vehicles, so the organizers bus most participants from downtown Cashmere to the start and then back.

Essentials: Three fully staffed and supplied aid stations on the courses. Stations will have water, energy drink and gels. Runners are encouraged to bring hydration packs/water bottles and or energy food to carry on this course as early June can be warm.

Course map: Click here for the 25K map; click here for the 10K map.

Stewardship: Leave no trace. Be kind to our beautiful forest environment and clean up after yourself. Please don’t abandon trash.

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