WENATCHEE — A Leavenworth group has announced plans to open a climbing gym along the Wenatchee waterfront in fall 2016.

Riverfront Rock Gym, 1319 Walla Walla Ave. (next to Walla Walla Point Park and near the Town Toyota Center), will have 10,000 square feet devoted to bouldering, top roping and lead climbing. The bouldering area will feature two levels. The climbing walls will be 40 feet high, and will have routes of all skill levels.

The gym also will have a traditional fitness area, locker rooms, retail space, an espresso bar, and beer taps.

Owners are seeking financial support from the community through indiegogo.com, although they say opening is not contingent on the campaign. The group is headed up by Matthew McKellar of Leavenworth.

“The project is being undertaken by locals of the Wenatchee Valley, most of whom are climbers,” Riverfront Rock Gym said in a statement. “The goal is to build a climbing gym that can rival those in the big cities and that are funded by bigger dollars. Our resources are stretched, but we still want to make this gym happen. For that reason, we are reaching out to the community for help.

“There is a strong climbing community in the Wenatchee Valley. Many have wanted a gym for some time, but it’s not easy building one from the ground up. Please help us build this gym.”

Here is another story, this one from Icicle TV: http://www.icicle.tv/world-class-climbing-gym-coming-to-the-valley-in-2016/

For more on Riverfront Rock Gym, visit its website at http://riverfrontrockgym.com/ or its Facebook page at http://facebook.com/riverfrontrockgym.

— AdventureWenatchee.com

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