Skyline Drive

Photo By Frank Cone

Skinny: What goes up, must come down. That’s the mantra to be thinking of as you make your way up a steep — through short stretch — of Skyline Drive. You’ll like the view from the top. And you’ll like coming down.

Distance (loop): 6.2 miles

Starting point: Orondo Avenue and South Wenatchee Avenue

Ending point: Orondo Avenue and South Wenatchee Avenue

Difficulty: 3

What to watch for: Few places so close offer the views that Skyline Drive does. After you chug up Skyline, take a few moments at the lookout to soak in the sights of Wenatchee, East Wenatchee, the basalt cliffs to the east, and up the Columbia River to Rocky Reach Dam. Continue on your way and enjoy the stoic presence of Castle Rock. From there, it’s all downhill anyway. You can’t but feel good.

What to watch out for: A little dog that likes to charge and nip from a house along Miller Street and Red Apple Road.

Water: A fountain on the grass next to the Wenatchee High track at the east end of the bleachers is sometimes operating.

Restrooms: During the warm weather months, Centennial Park (near the intersection of Orondo and Wenatchee avenues) has an open restroom.


1. From Orondo Avenue and South Wenatchee (the heart of downtown Wenatchee), head west on Orondo, then take a right on Washington Street (past the Chelan County Courthouse).

2. Stay on Washington Street for about six-tenths of a mile, then take a left on Miller Street and head south. Take a right on Red Apple Road (which turns into Skyline Drive). Skyline Drive features a hill roughly 0.3 of a mile long, then heads down hill for about the same distance.

3. Take a right on Number Two Canyon Road, which then turns into Western Avenue. As you head north on Western Avenue, take a right on Washington Street. Follow Washington Street all the way back to Orondo Avenue. Take a left on Orondo Avenue back to the starting point at South Wenatchee Avenue.

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