Photo By Frank Cone

The skinny: For a town of its size, Cashmere has a thriving downtown with several wine tasting rooms, restaurants, quaint retail stores and the legendary Aplets and Cotlets factory. This ride allows you to check out the orchard country outside of town and then return for food and drinks and sight-seeing.

Starting point: Downtown Cashmere

Ending point: Downtown Cashmere

Distance: 14 miles

Time: Two hours

Terrain: Flat and rolling with a few moderate hills to climb

Highlights: If you like winding country roads, this is the trip for you. If you can, go in the spring. That is fruit tree blossom time in the upper Wenatchee Valley. Numerous Wenatchee River vistas are the other big feature on this ride.

Lowlights: Few of the roads have adequate shoulders.


1. From downtown Cashmere, get on Sunset Highway and head west.

2. Turn onto Stines Hill Road, take a right on Johnson Road, left on Main Street, and then a right on North Dryden Road.

3. Follow North Dryden Road to the Peshastin Pinnacles climbing area parking lot.

4. Turn around and return the way you came.

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