Horse Lake

Photo By Michael Bendtsen

Distance: 0.5 to 5 miles

Time: Varies

Terrain: Dirt roads, dirt trails, single-track, out-and-back

Elevation: ?????

Best time to go: Late spring through fall

How to get there: Heading north out of downtown on Wenatchee Avenue, turn left on Horse Lake Road. The pavement ends a mile up the road. Drive another 2.3 miles on the dirt road to the trailhead parking lot.

Highlights: Heading north (uphill) from the parking lot, a viewpoint is found just a quarter mile from the parking lot. It offers stunning views of the North Cascades, the Wenatchee River Valley and the Columbia River. Interpretive signs here help you learn more about the area. The trail off the viewpoint offers a 5-mile loop. Heading south from the trailhead takes you on the Lone Fir Spur Trail, which connects to the Sage Hill Trails at roughly two miles. You can also branch off the Lone Fir Spur around 0.8 miles to hike the Homestead Trail.

Lowlights: The road becomes very muddy and slick during wet weather, so take extra precaution driving up there in the spring. Share the trail with mountain bikes. Summer heat makes midday use almost unbearable. Carry plenty of water.

Things to know: There is a pit toilet at the trailhead parking lot but no garbage can; please pack out your trash. Keep your pets leashed and clean up after them. Stay off muddy trails as foot tracks in the mud accelerate erosion.

RWHorseLakeMaher1 by Keith Mackie Hiking, Horse Lake, Trail Running
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