Anjou Bakery

The skinny: Sunshine, river views and baked goods and a coffee at the turn-around spot. What could be better? Doing this ride over and over.

Starting point: Wenatchee Confluence State Park

Ending point: Wenatchee Confluence State Park

Distance: 26 miles roundtrip

Time: Three hours (longer if you linger at the bakery)

Terrain: Easy to moderate, mostly flat with a few small inclines tossed in.

Highlights: This is a good ride for the beginner and for families. Cruise by old homes and orchards while taking in views of the Wenatchee River and the Cascades before ending up at the Anjou Bakery for a drink and a snack and perhaps a loaf of bread to tug home in your pack.

Lowlights: You’ll need to navigate automobile traffic in the Olds Station area as you depart and return to Wenatchee Confluence State Park.


1. Leaving Wenatchee Confluence State Park, take a left on Olds Station Road, right on Chester Kimm Road, left on Penny Road, left on Cordell, and then right on Chatham Hill Drive (which turns into Lower Sunnyslope Road)

2. Turn left on Sleepy Hollow Road, right on East Richared Road, right on Richared Drive, right on Fairview Canyon Road, and then left on Pioneer Way.

3. Continue to an intersection where Orchard Road branches off to the left, veer right on Pioneer (which will become Old Monitor Road). Cross the bridge and wind up hill to the Anjou Bakery.

4. Return to Wenatchee the same way.

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