Dry snow and cloudless days make the Wenatchee Valley a haven for snowshoeing.

While you can snowshoe virtually anywhere there is snow along the east slopes of the Cascades, below are some places you’ll want to try out.

For the uninitiated, snowshoeing is fun, fairly easy to do and provides a good workout. There’s also the educational angle: Look for wildlife and wildlife tracks. It’s amazing what the snow will tell you — if you look closely enough.

Like any winter sport, dress warmly. If you’re going off trail, make sure to bring the “14 essentials” (matches, fire starter, map, compass, headlamp, sunglasses, first-aid kit, pocket knife, extra food, extra clothing, snowshoe repair supplies, portable shovel, avalanche beacon, shelter) with you. Bring a cell phone, too, in case there is reception in the area. Finally, let someone know when you’ll be back.

Now get stomping!

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