Road Biking

Photo By Michael Bendtsen

A different way each day cycling Wenatchee

Cycling in the Wenatchee Valley is full of so many options that often you need to ponder the choices before saddling up. You can literally choose a different route each day for a month.

Want to bike along green hillsides full of wildflowers? Check. Want a roller coaster above the mighty Columbia River? Check.

It’s easy to see why bikes sometimes outnumber cars on the Wenatchee Valley’s back roads. The region’s topography — these are the east slopes of the Cascades, after all — keeps biking fresh and never mundane. The region’s weather means few clouds, warmer days and a palette of colors.

Indeed, some of the more popular rides can be found on the roads between Wenatchee and Leavenworth, where the traffic is light, the routes meander and the sights are many. You encounter not only eagles, ospreys and blue herons but also blossoming orchards, old fruit warehouses and a canal system reminiscent of the European countryside.

What follows is just a taste of what the Wenatchee Valley has to offer in terms of road biking. Please note that these descriptions are meant to serve as an introduction, not as a super-detailed guide.



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