Photo By Frank Cone

Within minutes of urban Wenatchee

Getting out into nature is pure bliss. And in Wenatchee, you don’t have to drive hours to get there. Just five minutes from downtown, and you’re hiking the short and steep climb up to Saddle Rock. And 15 minutes from downtown, you’re meandering through the shrub-steppe of the Horse Lake Homestead.

In Leavenworth, a scant 22 miles from Wenatchee and deeper into the North Cascades, you’ll encounter more traditional mountain-hiking experiences. Picture forested trails, fast-moving streams and alpine wildflowers. Oh, and the views! Forget the exercise part of it; the views are what to hike for around here!

What follows is just a taste of what the Wenatchee Valley has to offer in terms of hiking. Please note that these descriptions are meant to serve as an introduction, not as a super-detailed guide.


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5 by Gary Taylor Hiking
8697118822_86bc18a7de_h by Frank Cone Hiking, Saddle Rock
arrivalSM by Frank Cone Hiking
avw by Frank Cone Hiking, Sage Hills
AWHikeStuartCone1 by Frank Cone Hiking
Dec25hikeView by Brittany Johnson Hiking
dsc_0109 by Ron Clark Hiking
DSC_3928sm by Frank Cone Hiking
DSC_3941sm by Frank Cone Hiking
DSC_4020 by Frank Cone Hiking, Saddle Rock
DSC_5763SM by Frank Cone Hiking
DSC_7726sm by Frank Cone Hiking, Saddle Rock
Enchantments-14 by Josh Cadd Hiking, Icicle Gorge
llunlsSM by Frank Cone Hiking
Pinnacles by Brittany Johnson Hiking, Peshastin Pinnacles State Park
Pinnacles by Brittany Johnson Hiking, Peshastin Pinnacles State Park
RunningScene6 by Keith Mackie Hiking, Mountain Biking, Sage Hills, Trail Running
RWHorseLakeMaher1 by Keith Mackie Hiking, Horse Lake, Trail Running
Saddle Rock by Brittany Johnson Hiking, Saddle Rock
Screen Shot 2013-04-17 at 4.49.25 PM by Brad Fitzgerald Hiking, Sage Hills, Trail Running
SpiderGlacierBrit by Brittany Johnson Hiking
Stuart Lake Hike-30 by Josh Cadd Hiking
YearEndTrailParty by Steve Maher Hiking, Saddle Rock
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